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Can we help promote your business to the motorsport competitors, organisers, spectators and enthusiasts of New Zealand through our motorsport dedicated website?

Here at we promote a news section, motorsport forum, and an events calendar that includes NZ premiere classes at Motor racing circuits, Endurance and club level motor races, sprints and hill climbs, as well as Speedway and Stockcar meetings, Rallying at national , regional and clubman levels, also Jetsprints, Kartsport and Drifting.

Usage Statistics for (as at 31st January 2012)

* There are currently 1250+ registered users, with free access for guests!
* The site gets up to 71953 (October 11) hits per month (500332 sessions in 2011)

* Site statistics show an increase in hits of 66% over 2010 (300052 in 2010)

Recent advertising poles suggest that Website advertising is on the increase, while traditional TV and Newspaper advertising is slowly declining. This is due to the nature of people lives. We spend less time watching TV, or mute or fast forward through ads, and we tend not to purchase a newspaper because we can quickly jump onto the internet to catch up with the latest news, as it happens.


Basic OnlineMotorsport advertising rate is $50 (plus GST) a month.

Signup for 6 months for $250 (plus GST), which includes one month FREE!

Signup for 12 months for $500 (plus GST), that’s two months FREE!!

My name is Alan Barnes and I have forty odd years of participation in New Zealand motorsport both as a competitor and more recently as an administrator and event organiser.

I and two other motorsport enthusiasts have recently acquired the Online Motorsport website from Mike and Glenn, and wish to continue its existence after their great service to the motorsport competitors, organisers and enthusiasts of New Zealand for the last eight years or so. is steadily growing every month and we expect the site to continue to grow. The economic climate is not the best, so Motorsport oriented companies should look at using as another mechanism to generate sales. is not funded by any external organisation, entity or association, just a group of motorsport fanatics who want to increase the profile and awareness of the sport.

While the website is not cheap to host and maintain as it has a sophisticated Content Management architecture and database, it will stay FREE for users to use, if business advertising can help to pay the costs.  The advertising rates are minimal, and the target market is already captured, and growing.

How the Advertising works

For the basic advertising package, there are three areas that a company's logo will be visible, at the top and left hand side of every page, and the bottom of the Forum pages.

* The top and bottom banner size is 468 x 60 pixels

* The side banner size is 131 x 131 pixels

* You can purchase advertising in one month blocks, with special rates for 6 months and 12 months.

* We are very flexible about the amount of months you may want to sign up for. The rates are a lot cheaper than in a magazine and we have the advantage of our content changing every day, which is attracting people back to the site daily.

* As far as creating the graphics, we can help you do the artwork if necessary. We can re-size / re-create them to fit if that is needed.

* The ad graphics or webpage can be changed once during the advertising term. Any other changes will cost $25 per change.

* The Ad’s will be uploaded once the advertising fee has been paid.

* The Ad’s rotate through every 10 seconds or so.


 But wait, there’s more

 Not only do you get all that but also when a user clicks on your ad they can be re-directed to your business web page.  

 For companies who don’t have their own website, or even if they do, we can build them a specially built single webpage outlining the key products and services provided by their company.

This will be trade information advertising, and may have your logos, photos, contact details and any other relevant information, including larger advertisements, on your company and what it does.

This page will sit within and will be displayed when a user clicks on your ad.  

Please contact us for any more information.

For those who wish to advertise contact

Or contact Alan on 0274 433 407

Or PO Box 1534, Taupo, 3330




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